Our project

The STEAM3D project aims to increase the interest of secondary school students and teachers in VET education, as they will be in demand on the labour market. Specifically, the project aims to raise interest in STE(A)M careers and get them to pursue their professional and transversal skills as well as non- trivial competences that will set them apart from other applicants in the labour market.

There are various careers that can be pursued within STE(A)M and this project focuses mainly on the field of engineering.

During the development and implementation of the project, a practise guide, manuals, podcasts and guidelines as well as interactive teaching materials and lesson plans for teachers will be produced.

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Bootstrap Themes


  • Raise the interest in VET and STEAM careers;
  • Boost STEAM-based approach on key competences and skills;
  • Improve knowledge and awareness of environmental issues such as climate change, renewable energy sources, smog and carbon footprint;
  • Acquire and enhance specific knowledge in design, technology and specialised graphic design software platforms, taking into account the selected environmental issues;
  • Develop passions and professional skills leading to the choice of a career path.
Bootstrap Themes

Target group

  • VET Organisations, focusing on technological, economical, social & environmental development.
  • VET teachers in the field of engineering, design environment…
  • VET students, specialised in engineering
  • Policy makers
  • Other professionals, practitioners, stakeholder institutions and organisations.