Green Best Practise Guide: a compilation of solutions that local decision-makers can apply to respond to environmental issues in the design of new housing developments, bridges, roads, buildings, etc.

The Guide will also include some threats if the GREEN solutions are not applied on the basis of national researches made through top desk research. It will also consist with 3 podcasts on green good practices related to climate change, renewable energy sources, smog and carbon footprint.

practice guide
practice guide

DESIGN COURSE - 'The Arts of Green Districts'

The Design Course 'The Art of Green Districts' is aimed at teaching engineering students from secondary vocational school how to design Green Districts of Future maintaining all engineering, scientific, technical and environmental standards. Regarding all environmental issues and standards students will make use of IO1 – Green Best Practice Guide.

The course will include teaching materials, complimentary lesson plans, tips and activities. The course will be available in a conventional way and online on Moodle Platform. 'The Art of Green Districts' course will be a breakthrough educational innovation for future engineers and teachers. The course can be applied conventionally and online. It will include framework/ didactic grid, guidelines on construction/ engineering/ maths applied in site planning, teaching materials, complimentary lesson plans and tips, adjustment of the course to the Moodle platform, guidelines on Online Badge System, review process, piloting and translation.

A Young Engineer’s e-Portfolio (YEP) Handbook

A Young Engineer’s e-Portfolio (YEP) Handbook – a compilation of solutions how to create an attractive e-portfolio with the use of diverse digital tools to promote one’s own achievements/ business activity and position in the labour market. Every person entering the labour market or changing profession or position will need support in self-presentation activities. YEP will help the user to learn how to create an effective digital portfolio and how to structure relevant information. It is a resource package to help young people get started with creating own portfolio and rise awareness of own's competencies and strengths to enhance effective promotion.

practice guide